Objectives: Evacuate one civilian from each of the four towns or destroy all Soviet units and structures.

You begin with a few small forces and an MCV which arrive from the northern edge of the map. There are ore fields nearby so deploy your MCV and build a Power Plant, Ore Refinery and War Factory. You won’t be attacked to strongly for a little while so you can get away with building at least one more Ore Truck before shoring up your defences.

The Soviets may begin to drop Paratroopers to the side and back of your base so you may want to spread Pillboxes around so you don’t get caught out.

There are four towns and the civilians will come out when you enter them. The only way across the water is just north of the Soviet base which means getting past their Tesla Coils. You may find it easier to wipe out the Soviet base entirely rather than escorting vulnerable civilians.

Protect your Ore Trucks and build up a sizeable force of around 30 Medium Tanks. That should be enough to smash through the Soviet Base. Take over their Sub Pen or build your own Naval Yard and clear out the waters of subs. Once the last Soviet unit has been destroyed, or you transport the civilians to the island, the mission will be complete.

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