Capture the Control Centers

When you begin the mission Soviet bombers will destroy the Allied base directly to your south. Finish off the remaining units while keeping your MCBV out of harms way. When the area is clear set up your MCV and start building a Power Station, Ore Refinery and War Factory. The Allied will drop off troops to the north of your base so make sure you keep some defences or units on the northern edge.

There are gemstones and ore to the east and more gemstones and ore down to the south. Mine the ore to the east first because you’ll run into Allied troops on the southern edge of the map.

In the south western corner you’ll find an Allied Tech Center. Once you take it over the Allies will send a wave of units to destroy it so make sure you have a group of tanks from the east to protect it.

Before you attack the Allied base to the east build a Sub Pen and take out the Allied ships. Take out their Shipyard to prevent them building any more and then you’ll be free to send in a group of Tanks and V2 Rockets. Move the V2 Rockets up slowly and sweep through the base, leaving the Construction Yard for your Engineers to take over.

Once you have the Allied Construction Yard you can build your own Shipyard. Build a few Cruisers to pepper the central island and destroy most of their defences. Be very careful not to destroy any of the Control Centers or you’ll fail the mission. Transport your forces to the central island and mop up the remaining Allied troops. Bring in your Engineers and take over the 3 Control Centers to complete the mission. Once you take over the first Control Center you’ll only have 5 minutes to take the other two so make sure you have your Engineers in place before taking the first center.

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