Core of the Matter

One of the Soviet nuclear reactors has been infiltrated by Allied forces. You must take back the nuclear facility and restart the coolant stations. As soon as you take control run your troops to the right and then down to avoid the explosion. Once you reach the bottom of the room turn around and shoot the barrels to kill the Allied troops chasing after you.

Make your way down and to the left. Kill the infantry and then blow up the barrels to free the Dogs. Bring your Infantry and Dogs down the passage to the left, blowing up the barrels along the way. Send your dogs up around the crates to chase down an Allied Soldier and free the 5 Engineers.

There are 4 Cooling Stations, 2 on either side of the main control panel which is guarded by troops and Tanya.

Bring the Engineers to the 4 Cooling Stations and they’ll activate the Flame Turrets near Tanya. The path is now clear to send an Engineer to the main control panel and complete the mission.

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