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Mission 6

[Upper & Eastern Route]

Both paths lead to the same map so the walkthrough for both of them is the same. You begin this mission with one single soldier. Yes, that’s right, just one! But he’s a Commando and take on just about anyone. He can target infantry units from quite a distance away and kill them with a single shot.

Head to the north and take out the NOD soldier by the bridge. There’s another 2 on the other side of the bridge. A Rocket Infantry will run at you from the west and there’s another hiding behind the pine trees so target him before you get too close.

There are 2 SAM Sites on this island. One to the north-west and another to the north-east. Detonate both of them and then get in the Chopper that arrives.

Drop the Commando off by the yellow flare and then continue walking to the north. Just north of the town a NOD Buggy will be on patrol, heading up between the two ridges. Wait for the Buggy to move north and then follow behind, turning to the west and continuing north.

Head east when you can. As you approach the base Rocket Infantry will take so just pick them off one by one. If you enter the NOD Base through the western entrance you can avoid the Turrets. Detonate the Power Plant just by the west entrance to win the mission.

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