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Mission 8

You start with a rather dilapidated base so the first thing you need to do is Repair all of your buildings and vehicles. There is a small Tiberium field to the west and a larger one to the north of your starting base.

NOD will send Artillery and Small Tanks to attack from the north so make sure you secure the southern side of the bridge. There’s also a crate of cash all the way to the west from your base and then north through the town just by the forest. It will give you 2,000 credits so it’s definitely worth grabbing.

This is a tough mission and you’ll need to be constantly replenishing your forces. Send out Hum-vees to explore the map. The NOD Base is to the north and slightly east of your own. The NOD Harvester gather the Tiberium just south and to the west. You can block off there Tiberium by setting some tanks in the field and blowing their Harvester to smithereens. Be prepared for the retaliation attack from the NOD.

The entrance to the base is protected by 2 Gun Turrets. Just beyond it are the Refinery and Hand of Nod. You should be able to take these buildings down pretty quickly. The Construction Yard is to the west of the NOD Base and you probably want to take this down next.

There are 3 SAM Sites that you’ll need to destroy. The first in in the Tiberium field south-west of the NOD Base and two on the upper ridges to the north.

With all the units and structures destroyed it’s time to move onto the next mission.

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