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Mission 4

[Left Route]

Your objective is to capture the classified GDI property that is being stored in a NOD Base. You’ll be given three APCs and a buch of infantry.

Fend off the NOD Buggies and Rocket Infantry and then load your troops into the two APCs. Head west along the path and don’t bother to stop and kill the NOD forces.

Follow the path west over the river, south a little and then west to the edge of the map. Ignore all NOD units and continue north until you come to the NOD Base. Head straight for the crate inside the fenced area to complete the mission.

[Center Route]

NOD is attempting to capture a civilian town so you must reach the town first and then hold off the invading NOD forces.

After fending off the initial NOD attack move all your units east to the bridge. Take out the forces on the other side of the bridge and then come back to the west to clear out any NOD forces hiding in the trees.

Head back to where you began the mission and this time travel south. Clear out the NOD units, including any hiding behind trees.

Continue east and cross over the river. There’s a few NOD Buggies and infantry that you’ll need to deal with. To the north by the ridge you’ll find more infantry hiding behind the trees.

Continue south along the easter edge of the map, cross over the bridge and move all of your units west to avoid the NOD reinforcements arriving in the east. Enter the town to the west and you’ll be given some reinforcements of your own. Pull all of your troops out of the APCs and fend off the NOD forces.

If the mission doesn’t end continue back to the east and make sure all the NOD forces are eliminated.

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