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Your objective for this mission is to locate an abandoned GDI base and then restore it to working order. From there you need to seek out and destroy all GDI forces.

[Left Route]

You’ll begin the mission with 6 Minigunners and 4 Rocket Infantry. Separate them into two groups. Send the Minigunners to the east first until you kill 3 GDI soldiers. Then spread out the Rocket Infantry and send them forwards to deal with the tank. Keep them far enough away from the tank so it doesn’t run them over.

Send both your groups forwards, killing the last 2 Grenadiers hiding near a tree and continue east to the base. Sell the Construction Yard here for cash and you should get an Engineer from it as well. Build another 2 Engineers so you have three in total.

Put 5 of your Minigunners into the Chopper and fly it down south to the GDI base. Land to the south west of the GDI Refinery, just out of reach of the GDI troops. Unload your infantry and take out the GDI forces around these buildings.

Send the Chopper back and load it up with your Engineers. Bring them back down to the GDI base and take over the Construction Yard and the Refinery when the Harvester is dropping off its goods.

Build up a base here including Cannons, a second Refinery and a Weapon’s Factory. There’s Tiberium to the east and south east of your new base.

Start clearing out the GDI forces from the southern side of the map. When you’re ready build up a sizable force, including Rocket Infantry to deal with any Orcas, and send them south, and then east into the GDI base. Destroy all GDI forces to complete the mission.

[Northern Route]

You start this mission with 6 Minigunners and 4 Rocket Infantry. Send the Minigunners east to deal with the Infantry and the Rocket Infantry west to try and kill some Infantry across the stream. Now send your Rocket Infantry back to the east to deal with the Medium Tank. Continue east until you find the base.

Sell your Construction Yard and buy 2 Engineers and fill the Chopper with Minigunners. Fly them east to the GDI base and land to the south east of the Refinery. Unload the infantry and kill and GDI troops nearby. Send the chopper back and bring back the Engineers to take over the Construcion Yard, Power Plant and Refinery when the Harvester is there.

Build a Guard Tower near to the Refinery to protect it and then build a second Refinery and Weapons Factory.

The GDI base is to the north east. Once you have a sizable force go and seek them out. Bring along Rocket Infantry to deal with the Orcas that the GDI will send out against you once you get close. Destroy all the GDI forces to complete the mission.

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