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[Left Route]

You begin with a Commando at the top right side of the map. Bring him down and to the right, sniping the Grenadiers and Infantry as he goes. Head to the left and then north. Cross the bridge and meet up with the Rocket Infantry.

The GDI Base is to the east but you can’t take it out yet. Head back around to the south, west and then north to meet up with the Engineers. Blow up the Church to the west of the Engineers for a cash crate.

Take the Engineers all the way to the south and take over the Refinery (with the Harvester in it) and the Power Plant. There is a Tiberium field to the west of your base.

Build your base here and stay prepared for GDI attacks from tanks and infantry. Build up your forces and take them back to the north, where you found the Rocket Infantry. The GDI base is directly to the east and is fairly well guarded.

Sit your forces outside the entrance to the GDI base, just out of range of the Guard Towers, and take out their Harvesters as they come out of the base. Once you have exhausted their supplies push forwards into the base.

Take out the Contstructoin Yard and Barracks first. Then destroy all the other buildings and units to complete the mission.

[Lower Route]

The map for this mission is exactly the same as the Left Route so refer to the walkthrough above.

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