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The Inmost Dens

From the start head to the left or right and take out the Zombies and Shotgun Guys around the first building. Watch out for the Chaingunners standing on platforms in the corners of this outdoor area. Take the stairs into the building and kill the 3 Imps. Open the wall in the center for a small hidden room with a Specter and Box of Rockets.

Go back up the stairs and dash out through one of the windows to the water in the north side. Use the lift and press the Skull Button up the top. This opens a passage in the water just to the left. Inside you’ll find a Rocket Launcher. Press the button to lower the lift which takes you back to the Start.

Find the door to the east that opens automatically when you get close. Take out the Revenant and Lost Souls on the other side. Watch out for the Chaingunners to the north. You may be able to take them out from the bridge.

Continue through the next gate and clear out the area. From inside the building dash across to the bridge and make your way around to the left for the Red Key. Drop into the water and take the lift the Chaingunner was standing on back over to the first area.

Go through the Red Door and hit the Red Button to lower the Red Barrier. Go through the gate and quickly use the BFG to take out the Arch Vile.

Clear out the building and pick up the Blue Key. Drop out the window behind it and follow the water to the left, keeping the wall on your right. You’ll find another lowered red barrier. Go through the wooden door and turn right. You’ll see an Arachnotron behind a gate. The gate opens by itself when you get close. Kill the Arachnotron and grab the Soul Sphere.

Drop out the window to the water and go up one of the lifts. Dash back across to the walkway and go into the building. Dash across to the bridge and this time turn right. This passage leads to the Blue Door. Clear out the building and dash across to the door leading to the Exit.

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