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The Catacombs

This level is centered around a slime pool in the middle of the level. You start in a room in the south-west corner. Press on the green-flamed torch to open up Secret 1 and press on the wall directly opposite for Secret 2 with a Soul Sphere.

Press on the lift in the corner and ride it up to the slime pool. Watch out for the Chaingunners on the central platform. You might want to use a BFG to take them out quickly.

Drop down for the Radiation Suit and then take the lift up in the north-west corner of the pool. Take out the Specters and then hit the Switch by the entrance to lift up a bridge to the Rocket Launcher in the central area. Make your way around the corridor until you’re back overlooking the central pool. Turn around and open the door. Go through the teleporter which takes you to the ledge with the Blue Key.

Dash across to the central platform and then run along the bridge to the Rocket Launcher. Drop back down into the pool and this time press on the lift in the north east corner. This one drops down.

Drop down and press on the Switch beyond the blue door to lift up the bars. Drop down into the area with the Imps and press on the Skull Button to open the door. Watch out for the Baron of Hell on the other side!

Press the 2 Skull Buttons to open the door and lower the lift. Ride the lift up to the Red Key. Open up the door on the right with the monster face on it for Secret 3. Go through the teleporter. This one takes you back to Secret 1. Go through the teleporter back to the central platform.

Finally drop down and take the lift in the south-east corner of the pool. Take out the Chaingunners and go through the red door. Clear out the remaining Chaingunners and hit the Switch at the end to complete the level.

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