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Titan Manor

This is quite a tricky map, especially in the beginning. Start by dropping off the ledge and doing a lap around the circular structure. Take out all the Shotgun Guys for their ammo. Ignore everyone else for now. Head up the stairs and enter through the main doors.

Take out the Shotgun Guy to the right,  pick up the Super Shotgun and then take out the Chaingunners. From the entrance look at the blue pillar and take the door to the left to the library.

Clear the room of enemies and head up the steps to the fireplace. The floor around the fireplace is dangerous. Quickly step into the fireplace and open the wall at the back. Go through for a Backpack. Hit the Button to lower part of the floor just to the left of the fireplace. Head back and take out the Chaingunner and Revenant.

Drop down onto the floor that just lowered. To the left is a Beserk Pack and to the right is a Skull Button. Hitting the Button lowers the blue pillar in the center of the entrance room for a few seconds. Quickly run onto the pillar and use it to run onto the ledge with the Rocket Launcher.

Now stand at the entrance and look at the blue pillar once again. This time go through the door to the right.

Take out the Chaingunner and enter the bright room to the left. Take out the Revenant and all the Cacodemons in the central pillar. I think there are four of them. You’ll dash across to the pillar later for a secret.

For now head up the steps to the dark room and follow the arrow. Press on the wall and lower the elevator. Ride it to the top and run along the top of the wall. Dash off to the left side to land on the lower ledge. Enter through the window to the room with boxes.

Drop down to the floor and take out the Chaingunner. Carefully move forwards and take out another Chaingunner on the lower level. Turn around and walk backwards. An alcove will open up with a Revenant and other enemies.

Pressing on the Skull Button will lower the box with the Yellow Key so you can pick it up.

Drop down to the lower level and take out a Shotgun Guy on the floor and a Chaingunner on the boxes. Lower the brown boxes and then the grey box to the right for Secret 4 and Blue Armor.

Open the wooden panel, which is a Blue Door on the other side, to the right of the brown boxes. This leads to the central chamber. This is another way into the chamber beyond the Yellow Door in the entrance room.

Press the Skull Button to the left to raise up steps to the central pedestal. Drop down the gap and take out the Baron of Hell. Press on the inner ledge to lower it down so you can ride it up.

Walk up the steps and a room in one corner will open with a Cacodemon and ammo. Press on the face in the central pillar and a bridge will raise up on the side with the Yellow Door.

Remember the room with the Cacodemons? From here you can dash across and land inside the central pillar.

Lower the lift and get on. This is Secret 1 on the map. There’s nothing else here so drop down and head back to the central chamber.

The opposite side of the Cacodemon room is a room that you haven’t been in before. Dash across through the window and take out the Imps below.

Lower down the corner pillar and ride it up. Follow the thin passage around for Secret 2 and a Plasma Gun. Press the Switch to open up a wall to an outside courtyard. Watch out for the Baron of Hell and Mancubus out there.

Open the wall next to the pillar and then step on the trough. The right stall will open.

Take out the Chaingunner and step inside. The left stall will open. When you step into the left one the center stall will open. Take out the Cacodemon and grab the Blue Armor.

Go through the process again but stay in the left stall. Ride the small wall up and open the panel back to the library. When you enter a bookshelf will lower down with a Chainsaw. This is Secret 3 on the map.

Now it’s time to grab the Blue Key. Head up the stairs to the fireplace and drop down to the lowered floor. Hit the Skull Button to lower the pillar and quickly run over it. When you do the pillar in the central chamber will lower. Quickly run across the bridge and Grab the Blue Key.

There are two Blue Doors from this room. The one to the right leads to the room with the boxes so go through the Blue Door to the left. Take out the Imp and hit the Skull Button just to the left of the door to turn on the lights.

Leave and go through the right door. Ride the brown boxes up and go through the Blue Door on the left side. As you step forwards watch out for another alcove that opens up with a Revenant and Chaingunner.

The Button at the end of the room lowers down a platform. Ride it to the top and dash across to the middle platform.

Open the wall at the end with the face on it and go through. Press the Skull Button to the left to reveal another one to the right. Press the Button to the right to make it possible to grab the BFG later. Press the middle Button to exit.

Press the Button to lower down the platform again and ride it up. This time dash across to the higher ledge and take the teleporter.

make your way around the thin corridors to the bedroom. Open the wall beside the bed for Secret 5. Press the Skull Button to lower another wall with some more goodies.

Take the teleporter in the bedroom back to the previous area and immediately step off it and back on. From here dash to the ledge and then onto the bedhead with the Computer Map. This is Secret 6.

The next part is a little bit tricky. Stand at the window looking out to the dark room with the pillars and dash across to the ledge on the first pillar. Carefully walk around to the other side and press the Skull Button to lower the ledge. Run across to the other pillar and stand on the ledge.

Ride it up and press the next Skull Button. This opens up a passage in the corner of this room. Take out the Imps and go through to pick up the Red Key. Press the Button to turn on all the lights outside.

From here you can either go through the Red Door which is through the Blue Door in the room with boxes or go outside and clear out the outside area.

If you want to go for the BFG it’s best to make sure the area is clear. From the entrance to the manor walk up the steps to the back left of the light pillar. Press the Skull Button and go to the opposite side. Press the Skull Button and walk around to the left. Take the lift up to the top.

Watch out for the Chaingunners if you haven’t killed them already. Press the Skull Button to lift up a bridge and walk across. Go into the teleporter and run straight forwards. You’ll land on the BFG. This is Secret 7.

When you’re done go through the Blue Door and take the Red Door immediately to the right. Open the door, hit the Button and then the next Button that opens up for the level Exit.

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