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Tomb of Set


Time Trial: 5:00
Knock 5 enemies into the central pit
Catch 5 enemies in one blast from a beacon

Run between Set’s legs

Make your way across the bridge back to the Pyramid where you began. Enter the Pyramid and you’ll see Set’s chamber is now open. Go through for the final boss fight.

Trigger the mark of Set and then light the first gas vent to lift up a path to the next platform. Do this again while Ammit is distracting you to lift up a path to the central arena.

Set Boss Fight

For the first phase you’ll need to trigger the three marks and light the vents. The lines heading towards the central pit are blue when activated and yellow when controlled by Ammit.

When all three vents are lit Osiris and Set will fight in the center of the arena, giving you a chance to shoot Set. I used the Rocket Launcher for this battle.

After doing about 1/3 damage Ammit will reappear and you’ll need to light the flames once again. This time with more enemies to face.

If you’re too slow Ammit will appear again to light his own flame yellow.

Light all the flames and take out Set twice more after the first phase. Each phase gets progressively more difficult. After the third phase Set will be defeated and get pulled into the central chasm.

Congratulations on completing Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. Make sure to check out the two DLC levels!

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