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Inkwater Marsh

The Inkwater Marsh is a large level so take your time to explore. Ori begins with the ability to climb up walls and you’ll gain most of the other basic abilities fairly quickly. Begin by running to the right and dropping down for the first Spirit Light Container.

Continue to the right and drop down. If you try to continue to the right you’ll find the path is blocked. If you avoid the middle portion of the log when you drop down you can collect the Spirit Light Container to the left. Otherwise you can pick it up later when you have new abilities.

Continue to the right for another Spirit Light Container and then drop down the thin log. To the right you’ll find the area where Lupo the map maker sells his map. He’s not here at the moment so you’ll have to come back later to purchase it. The full map for this area is below.

Image created by Demajen

Drop all the way down and pick up the Torch from the fireplace to the left. You can use this as a weapon. Head across to the right and take the path down. Use the Torch to break through the wooden barrier and climb over the pillar to talk to Tokk.

He’ll give you a quest to find the missing Keystone so you can get through the Spirit Gate to the east. Continue to the left and drop down the log. Break the barrier to the left for a Spirit Light Container. Climb out and continue to the left.

Make your way over the thorns and drop down the hole. At the bottom you’ll have a fight with a little lizard creature. It likes to dash along the ground so jump into the air to attack it.

Pick up the Spirit Light Container to the right and head through the door to the waterfall. Ori can stick onto the blue moss so use it to climb up the sides of the waterfall. Jump up to the blue moss above and continue up until you come to the Keystone.

Run back to Tokk and give him the Keystone. He’ll give you another one for a total of two. Climb back over the pillar and continue to the right. Use the Keystones to open the door. In the background you’ll notice a large wolf.

As you run to the right the wolf will chase after you. Quickly run to the right and grab the Torch from the fire. Attack the wolf once or twice and then dash away.

You won’t need to kill the wolf, only get his health down to about one third and he’ll run off. Head to the left and drop down. There’s a few places to explore here but we’ll start by going to the Spirit Tree to the right.

After the cut-scene you’ll gain the Spirit Edge ability. You can use it like a sword for a quick attack. Break the wooden barrier to the right and make your way up.

Break another barrier at the top to find the Magnet Spirit Shard. Once quipped it draws Orbs towards you.

Make your way back to the left and drop down under the thin log just past where the Moki talk to you. They’ll tell you to see Kwolok, the guardian of the marsh.

Continue to make your way down and head left to the lift. Push the rock onto the lift. Later you’ll activate the lift but for now continue to the left. Avoid the thorns down below and jump across to the top path. The doors will close and you’ll have another battle.

Once you’ve defeated the enemies the doors will open. Head out the door to the left and drop down. Just to the left is another Spirit Tree where you’ll learn the Double Jump.

Make your way out back to the lift. Continue to the right and drop down. You’ll find a Lever. Pull it to lower down the lift.

Head back around and drop down the lift. Push the rock to the left and use it to block the laser. Jump up for the first of two Keystones.

Climb back out and head to the right. You’ll find a Spirit Well which you can use to replenish your health and warp to other locations when you’ve found more wells.

Head back to the left and climb up back to the thin log. Continue upwards to another thin log and this time run to the left.

You can’t open the door just yet but the second Keystone is just above. Climb up the wall for the Keystone.

Drop down and open the door. Jump across the purple water and climb up to a stone barrier on the left. Break through it and make your way around the room to the top where you can pick up the first Life Cell Fragment. You’ll need two of them to make a life cell and increase your health by one.

Head back through the barrier out of this room and continue climbing upwards. Break through the bone barrier to the left, jump across to the next ledge and break that barrier as well.

Hop across the wooden posts to the other side of the pool and break a stone barrier to reveal a second Life Cell Fragment. Now your health will increase to four orbs.

Head back to the right and break yet another bone barrier. Continue up until you’re back up to where you were chased by the wolf.

Just to the right speak to the Moki and he’ll give you the A Little Braver quest to find a Howl Fang. Make your way to the right and use the rope to make it up to the higher ledge. Jump across the dangling wooden posts and over the thorns to the Howl Fang.

Make your way back and give the Howl Fang to the Moki to complete the quest. He’ll give you some Gorlek Ore. You’ll need to collect these for another quest in the Wellspring Glades.

For now take a double jump to the ledge to the left and continue in that direction. Watch for another wooden breakable barrier that you couldn’t break the first time past.

Behind it is the Reckless shard. Grab it and continue to the left. Drop down to the area that used to be filled with water. Now you can activate the Spirit Tree for the Regenerate ability. You can use energy to replenish 3 health orbs.

Continue to the left and the up to go and see Lupo. You can buy a map of the entire area from him for 50 Spirit Light. Take a look at the map to see how much of this area is left to explore.

The areas to the left you can leave for now because they lead to new areas. The small passage directly to the left we’ll be exploring and then heading up to the large cavern.

Make your way directly to the left and break through the wooden barrier. Crawl over the moss and jump over to the ledge with the shard. This is the Resilience shard that reduces damage taken from enemies.

You won’t be able to reach the Gorlek Ore over to the left until you’ve cleaned the water by going to The Wellspring. Make your way back out to the right and climb up.

Head back to where you began this area and continue to the left. You can’t go too far in this direction but at least you can drop down and pull out the rock for a Life Cell Fragment.

Now climb back up and make your way to the right. Break the wooden barrier and enter the large cavern. You’ll find the Weapon’s Master. You can speak to him to learn new abilities or upgrade existing ones. The Spirit Smash is a giant hammer with a heavy attack and is one of my favourites.

If you want to practice your combat skills you can head to the Inkwater Shrine. Drop down and break the left side of the large log. This will open up a gap you can drop down.

Use the moss to get around the murky water and the thorns. Jump onto the first mossy wheel and then double-jump up and to the left for a hidden Gorlek Ore.

Continue to the right and jump from the first bounce pad to the second. Use the second bouncing pad to bounce over to the ledge on the left with the Energy Cell Fragment.

Now jump back down and bounce over to the right to find the Inkwater Shrine. Activate the shrine to start a battle. You’ll face three waves of enemies. Once you’ve defeated them you’ll be rewarded with a Shard Slot Upgrade which allows you to activate one extra shard.

Use the ropes to take the top exit to the left and climb up to break the barrier leading back to the large cavern. Make your way up on the right side of the cavern by using the logs to swing yourself up.

When you reach as high as you can run to the right until you find a few Moki. They’ll tell you that Ku was seen falling into the Silent Woods. They will pull a lever to lift up pedestals so you can make your way across the water.

Jump across and climb up the statue. Talk to Tokk up the top and then pull the Lever behind him. This drains the pool of the murky water.

Head to the left and drop down the hole. Activate the Spirit Tree to gain the Spirit Arc ability. This works just like a bow and arrow.

Use the Spirit Arc to shoot the blue orb above. It activates a lift to the right. Step into the lift and take it down. You’ll find small cave with an Energy Cell Fragment.

Climb out and activate the lift again while you’re standing on top of it so you can get out of this hole.

Activate the blue orb at the top to lift up a pedestal to the left with a bounce pad on it. Quickly jump on the bounce pad to continue up. Activate the next orb to lower a rock wall so you can climb up it.

Use the bounce pad to bounce up to another rock wall. Hit the blue orb to the right to lift up the rock wall so you can grab the first Eyestone.

Make your way to the right and swing off the wooden pole and hit the blue orb while you’re in the air. This will open the rock wall above so you can swing up and grab the second Eyestone.

Now that you have both Eyestones head back to the statue to the right. Ori will automatically use the Eyestones to unlock the path to Kwolok’s Hollow.

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