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Windswept Wastes

Head back to the area where you found Ku and float over to the eastern side of the chasm. You’ll see Shriek in the distance. As Ori tries to sneak past Shriek will take notice.

When you get control of Ori quickly dash across to the right and grapple up to the blue flower. From here float up the air current and dash across to the pole. Hide behind the canvas and Shriek shouldn’t be able to spot you.

When Shriek looks away dash across to the left and grapple onto the moss. Wait for Shriek to look away again and then dash across to the left and around to the right. Keep running until you fall down a hole and land on the Spirit Well. You start on the western side of this area.

Just to the right you’ll spot Gorlek Ore buried in the sand. You’ll soon get the ability to burrow through the dirt.

Grapple up to the blue flower but watch out for the snapping jaws. Dash across to the right until you reach the bridge. A Wisp will tell you about this place.

There’s nothing you can do here until you get the burrow ability so continue to the right and head across the sand bridge for Gorlek Ore.

Drop down and continue along the only path you can take to the east. You can grab a Life Cell Fragment now by using the Light Burst to bash up to a hidden ledge.

Continue to the right, past the pot and to another bridge. Drop down below for a Spirit Light Container and then jump up the small sand ledges to the bridge above.

Jump up the vertical sand ledges to the right to a Lever. Pull it to add another vertical sand ledge so you can get up to the map maker.

Drop back down to the map maker’s sign and then drop through the small sand ledge just to the right of it. Float all the way down to a hidden cave for a Life Cell Fragment.

Grapple back up and break the barricade to open up the way back to the two bridges. Jump up to the higher bridge and use the new sand bank to get up to the secret above.

To access the shard you’ll need to jump off the sand banks in time to let the fireball through. The fireball will break the wall so you can get to the Last Stand Spirit Shard.

Drop down and continue to the left. Use the blue flowers to grapple your way around. Head up between the two sand walls and speak to the Gorlek Miner. He wants a Canteen that he can fill with water.

Continue to the left and activate the Spirit Tree to absorb the light. You’ll get the Burrow ability so you can dash through the sand. Dash through the sand to the left and up to the end of the Spirit Trial.

You can also dash through the sand ledges and balls of sand. Dash through the sand ball to the right and up to Lupo. He’ll sell you a map of the area for 300 Light Spirit.

You can use the map and your new Burrow ability to pick up a few collectibles that you might have missed along the way. You can also get to the beginning of the Spirit Trial by digging through the dirt under the first bridge.

When you’re ready to continue head back to the lever you pulled earlier and burrow through the sand. The path to the right will take you to Tokk and another Spirit Well.

The left path takes you to a Life Cell Fragment and an Energy Cell Fragment through a hidden entrance in the roof of the sandy area.

Once you have the collectibles head back and make your way up through the sand ball. Break the wall to the right for Gorlek Ore.

Continue up through the sand and around to a small bridge guarded by a Corrupted Gorlek. Just under a sand ball under the bridge you’ll find the first Keystone.

The other Keystone is through the sand to the left and up to a small cave.

There is a difficult area directly to the west with lots of fireballs and tricky jumps. If you make it all the way through you’ll find the Turmoil Spirit Shard. I’d recommend attempting this only after you have the third jump.

Head to the top right and use the Keystones to open the door. Dash through the sand and take out the Gorlek Ore. Use a Light Burst to bash your way up to a hidden ledge with an Energy Cell Fragment above.

Drop down and dash through the sand. At the bottom you’ll trigger a missile creature. Lure it back to the purple wall so you can get through to the next area.

Trigger the next missile creature and deflect it into the purple wall above. Jump up and pull the Lever to open the door to the next area.

In the next area you’ll need to break another purple wall down below to give you access to a Life Cell Fragment.

Continue to make your way up and eventually you’ll come across the third Spirit Well for this area. From here you can head up to the temple area above although you won’t be able to enter until you have found all four Wisps.

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