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Cipher Coins: 30
Music Scrolls: 2
Arcana: Staff of Surging

When you enter the Explodatorium a minion will tell you that everything’s going haywire and that there’s an intruder inside. Make your way past the burners and exploding rats. When you get to the area with blocks piled on top of each other break the wall to the left for a secret.

Use your boost jump to quickly make your way across the platforms to the first checkpoint. Break the walls and hit the rat when it’s in the right corner so it explodes the wall above it revealing a ladder. Climb up and make your way across the gap to the chest. Open it for gems and Music Sheet #12.

Head back down and down again. Break the wall at the bottom with the Cipher Coin in it to reveal an exit below. Drop down for a few Cipher Coins. Break the wall to the right for a hidden Cipher Coin.

Drop down and head left across the burners to the ladder. Climb up and take out the slime knights. Head across to the right for a chest with the Alchemy Coin. Boost up to the cannon and use it to be shot back up to the area above.

Head across to the right and boost up to the top ledge. Run along it and take the exit to the right where you’ll find Chester.

He’ll trade the Alchemy Coin for the Staff of Surging. The staff lets you shoot upwards and forwards so it’s a good addition for platforming but also does damage to enemies that get in the way.

Head back to the left and drop down twice to the second checkpoint. Continue to the right, past the slimes on blocks, and boost up for Music Sheet #13.

Continue to the right past the third checkpoint and a battle with the Wizard. He should be easy to defeat now that you have exploding bombs. Kill him and continue to the right to the fourth checkpoint.

Once you’ve made your way across the three single burners break the wall to the right. Quickly make your way across the row of burners for a chest.

Head back and climb up the ladders for the fifth checkpoint. Jump boost your way past the next section to the right for the sixth and final checkpoint. Drop to the right for the boss fight.

Shovel Knight Boss Fight

The Shovel Knight has infiltrated the Explodatorium! Killing him shouldn’t be too hard because he doesn’t have many abilities. Once you get him in a corner keep firing bombs at him until he’s defeated.

Reize Boss Fight

Once you’ve complete the Explodatorium or one of the other main levels in this area Reize will appear on the map. He won’t leave until you defeat him. This boss fight is fairly easy, especially if you can get him in a corner and pound him with bombs. If you do get into trouble use the Leech Liquid to restore some of your health. When you defeat Reize he drops Music Sheet #14.

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