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Cipher Coins: 20
Music Scrolls: 1
Arcana: None

This short level is mostly about fishing for Cipher Coins. Make sure you stop at all the fishing spots to pull up a coin.  When you start the level boost up to the lever and hit it a few times to open the gate.

Grab the first Cipher Coin from the fishing spot and jump up to the right. Drop down a bait so that it runs along the ledge and hits the lever to open the next gate.

The area to the right has a few fishing spots and a secret in the right wall that you can break for Cipher Coins.

In the next few screens you’ll need to use the moving platforms to get the bait to fall down in the right area. Just past the anchor knight there’s another secret in the wall across from the exit. Break it for a Cipher Coin. Break the block to the right and go through to the next area.

Break the wall on the next screen to reveal a skeleton and another Cipher Coin. Fishing the spot below can be tricky with the moving platform above. Send the bait on the moving platform across to the right. It should kill the skeleton with the helmet. Now you can stand on the platform to make it lower as you fish up the coin.

Continue through the last section of the level and open the chest at the end for Music Sheet #10.

The chest on the ledge to the left has a Health Tonic. Continue off the screen to the right to complete the level.

Troupple Pond

Cipher Coins: 0
Music Scrolls: 1
Arcana: None

The Troupple Pond is in the first area of the map but the Troupple King won’t appear unless you have either the Troupple Chalice or the Pandeonium Cloak. The Troupple Chalice can be purchased from the Troupple Acolyte in the Armor Outpost and the Pandemonium Cloak is given to you in the Village once you have all the Cipher Coins.

When the Troupple King appears drop a Bait Bomb off the edge of the pier to find Music Sheet #11.

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