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Zoya is exploring the town late at night by herself looking for gold and trinkets. Run to the right and climb up the wall by bouncing from one side to the other. Once you reach the top grab the 2 Orbs from the undercover area to the left.

Use your rope to swing across the gap. There’s an Orb on the plank on the other side. Use the rope again to swing from ring to ring. On the last ring you’ll need to swing across to the higher ledge. Grab the Orb and continue to the right.

In the next room jump up to the lever on the right and pull it to reveal a ring in the roof. Swing across the ring to the ledge on the left. Pull the lever to open the gate which gives access to the lift and an Orb.

When you stand on the lift it will lower down to another room. Shoot an arrow to break the rope to the left and the platform will fall. Drop down and shoot another arrow to break the rope holding the door closed to the right.

Head out the door and run down the ramp. Run across the planks over the river. Shoot the three balloons on the other side to lower the bar. Use the bar to climb up the wall to the next area.

Use the rope to hook onto the cart and pull it out. Jump over it to grab the two Orbs.

Now jump on the cart so you can jump across to the right for another Orb. Jump up to the right and use the rope to pull down a platform. Behind it is another Orb.

Drop down to the left for another Orb. Use the rope to pull out the cart. Jump back up and drop down out of the building to the right.

Use the rope to pull out another cart and jump on it to jump up to the platform above. Run across the roof to the right and shoot the balloons as you go. Each of them will drop a Jar.

Drop down and run into the building to the left. There’s three moving targets on the roof. Shoot all three of them and the wooden box will open revealing three experience Jars.

Exit the room and climb onto the wooden crate. Rope can be used to make a bridge between two rings. Connect the rope to the rings and run across it to get up to the ledge on the right.

Attach rope to the cart and pull it across to the right so you can grab the Orb. Now attach rope to the top of the cart and to the ring on the roof to form a bridge. Run up it and use the bar to climb up the wall and jump across to the ledge on the right.

Once again shoot the balloons to lower the bar and use it to climb up the gate and jump over to the right. Drop down the other side, picking up 2 Orbs along the way.

Attach the rope to the ring in the roof and reel it in to lift yourself up. Grab the Orb and use a couple of arrows to shoot the bell.

The door below will open. Drop down and run through. Head up the stairs and Zoya will hand over the painting to a suspicious man in exchange for a purse of gold.

Continue to the right and rope swing across the rings. Grab the Orb to the right and then swing up to the ledge. Jump up the bars and over to the right into a house with open doors.

Use the rope to make a bridge on the left side. Jump up and use the rope to pull the large block across to the left.

Drop down and create a bridge to the right. Use it to get across to the right.

Create another bridge across the rings in the entrance hall and run across it for another Orb. This is the last Orb for the level. You should have 75 if you found all the orbs and jars in the previous levels. Continue running to the right to complete this level.

Zoya will feel bad about stealing the painting and give all the gold to the town orphanage. She’ll then find a letter asking for her help in bringing back the prince.

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