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There isn’t much to do on the Pangea map but there is one town to visit called Bardins Town. It’s located towards the southwest area of the continent next to the mountains.

Speak to the astronauts and philosopher for a few clues about where you need to go. The astronauts will tell you “There is a planet X” and “Father Antos lives on X.” The philospher will tell you “She’s got to be at 9-9-9!” This is the location of Planet X where you’ll need to go to find Father Antos once you have a rocket.

The next age to visit will be 2112 AD. Before going there you’ll want to make sure you have enough Tri-lithium. You can find it by killing enemies or adventuring into towers and dungeons. The chests on the 15th floor of towers and dungeons all contain tri-lithium. This is the best way to find it.

When you’re done exploring go through the Time Gate in the center to be transported through time to 2112 AD.

Locations in Pangea Age

Towns and Castles

Baradins Town (Food, Wizard Spells, Cleric Spells and an Oracle)

Time Gates

Northern –> Time of Legends

Eastern –> 1423 BC (Russia)

Central –> 2112 AD (North America)

Southern –> 1990 AD (England)

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