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Betrayal and the Destruction of Alterac

Objectives: Free the Mages and Peasants and then destroy Alterac

For this mission you have a small base but no Gold or Peasants. You’ll need to free them from the prison to the north. Send your directly to the north and take out the enemy base. Use the Ballista to take out enemies from a distance and then protect them with the Knights when the enemy attacks.

Free the Peasants and Mages and quickly send the Peasants back so they can start mining Gold. Build up your economy and then send out a small force to claim the Gold Mine in the south eastern corner. You will need a group of Archers to deal with the Dragon.

Once you have the second mine construct a few Barracks just to the north and train an army. I prefer a mixed army for this mission, with Ballista, Knights and Archers. The Ballista can take out Ogres from a distance if they don’t notice.

Wipe out the blue Orcs and orange Human base to complete the mission.

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