Quest 1: Dying Wish
Objective: Deliver Mogrin’s report to Thrall in the Orc base.

You begin this act with Rexxar and little Misha. Your first quest is to deliver the report to Thrall who resides in the Orc base. Make your way to the east to find the Resurrection Stone. These stones will respawn your heroes if they die in battle.

Make your way to the north, taking out the Quill Beasts and Razormane Scouts along the way. Creeps will respawn on this map so when you come back to an area you’ll have to fight them again. This will help to level up your character and you’ll also get gold for each enemy that you kill.

Head into the Orc base to complete this quest. Thrall will tell you to make yourself useful by completing quests of other Orcs in the base. There are three new main quests to complete here. You’ll also find the Armory, Barracks and the Lounge where you can purchase items and Orc units.

Quest 2: Solve Gazlowe’s Problem
Objective: Seal the Tunnel.

In the southern part of the base you’ll meet Gazlowe who’ll tell you about the Kobolds who have are causing trouble in a tunnel to the south east of town.

Head out to the Tunnel which will be shown on your map. You’ll need to kill a few Centaurs along the way. When you enter you’ll be given 4 Goblin Sappers, who are the only ones who can blow up the support columns. If you lose a Sapper another one will be waiting at the entrance.

There are three support columns that you need to take down. One to the northwest, northeast and to the southeast. You shouldn’t have too much difficulty. If one of your heroes does die to the Kobolds he’ll respawn at the Ressurection Stone at the tunnel entrance.

Return to Gazlowe to complete this quest. As a reward he’ll give you an Arcane Scroll and the Runed Gauntlets.

Quest 3: Complete Drek’Thar’s Task
Objective: Collect Six Shimmerweed Herbs

Drek’Thar is near to the Voodoo lounge in the northwestern part of the town. The entrance to the Shimmerweed area, Thunder Ridge, is in the far northwestern part of this map.

Along the way to the north you’ll come across a small Centaur camp with cages. Destroy the cages to free a Shaman who will join your group.

Enter into the Thunder Ridge area and begin hunting around for the Shimmerweed. There are more than 6 located on the map but once you have 6 the rest will disappear. The Thunder Lizards look menancing but shouldn’t be a problem if you make good use of your spells and have Misha helping you out.

The Shimmerweed is the little green plant with red berries on it. Collect 6 of them and then head back to town and talk to Drek’Thar for your reward.

Quest 4: Complete Nazgrel’s Assignment
Objective: Eliminate the Harpy Threat

Nazgrel, by the Barracks, will give you the assignment to wipe out the Harpies who reside in the center northern part of the map. You may want to purchase 3 Troll Beserkers to help you out as they can throw spears at flying creatures. Otherwise your heroes should be able to attack flying units.

Bloodfeather is the Harpy leader. She’s level 10 but still isn’t too tough so your heroes and their spells with a few extra units should be able to take her out. When you kill her she’ll drop Bloodfeather’s Heart which will increase the heroe’s agility by +10.

Head back to Nazgrel and let him know the Harpies are dead. He’ll give you a choice of items from the Armoury but unfortunately not the really expensive ones.

Quest 5: Survey the Border
Objective: Speak with Gar’thok at the watch post, follow the tunnel through the beast den and finally reach the Observatory.

Once you’ve completed the three mini quests return to Thrall and he’ll give you a quest to speak with Gar’thok at the watch post. The location will be shown on the map.

You’ll need to speak with Gar’thok and then head through the Quillboar den just to the east. The Observatory is on the other side. Return to Thrall to complete the quest.

Optional Quest 1: Slay the Quillboars
Objective: Locate the Beast Den and Slay all of the Quillboars

Once you reach the Beast Den you have the optional quest of slaying all of the Quillboars. There are 50 in total and they are dotted all throughout the map. Once you have killed all of the Quillboars exit out the other side of the map if you still need to reach the Observatory.

Optional Quest 2: Warlock Coven
Objective: Slay the Warlock Coven and Recover the Sacred Reclic

To the east of the orc town on the the other side of the map you’ll come across Morg Wolfsong. Warlocks have destroyed their camp and taken a Sacred Relic. He asks you to kill the Warlocks and bring back the Relic.

Just head north east from Morg to find the Warlock camp. When the Stormreaver Warlock is dead he’ll drop the Sacred Relic. Return to Morg to complete the quest. He will die, leaving you the Relic and other treasures of the camp.

Optional Quest 3: Thunder Lizards
Objective: Find out why the Thunder Lizards are migrating.

Head back into Thunder Ridge, the cave entrance is to the north of the Orc town. Drek’Thar will be waiting for you and will ask you to investigate why the Thunder Lizards are upset. You’ll also need to collect three Thunder Lizard Eggs for the Collect Lizard Eggs Quest.

Make your way to the north east of the map to discover that the Humans have been chopping down the forests here. That’s what has upset the Thunder Lizards. You’ll now need to kill all of the Thunder Lizards on this map.

Once all of the Thunder Lizards have been killed return to Thrall to tell him what the Humans are up to.

Optional Quest 4: Collect Lizard Eggs
Objective: Collect 3 Thunder Lizard Eggs

This can be completed along with the previous quest at Thunder Ridge. As you are wiping out the Thunder Lizards just keep an eye out for the three eggs. Pick them up to complete the quest.

Optional Quest 5: Strange Brew
Objective: Find a Keg of Thunderwater, Thunder Phoenix Egg and Thunderbloom Bulb for the Pandaren Brewmaster.

Just to the north of where you cleared out the Harpies you’ll find a Pandaren callen Chen Stormstout. He needs exotic ingredients for his ale and wants you to find them. The three ingredients are a Keg of Thunderwater, a Thunderbloom Bulb and a Thunder Phoenix Egg.

The Thunderbloom Bulb is found in the very north west of the map, just behind a Merloc camp. The Thunderwater is purchased from Aicila’s Marketplace on the eastern side of the map, directly east of the Orc town. The Pheonix Egg is found to the very top and middle of the map.

Once you have all three ingredients bring them back to Chen and he’ll decide to join your group! Making it a worthwhile side quest to complete.

Quest 6: Protect the Border
Objective: Track the Humans back to their camp and destroy them

When you return to the watch post you’ll discover that the entire camp has been razed. You will need to track them back to their encampment in the very north east of the map and destroy it. There’s only a small groupĀ of Humans here with one or two Guard Towers so you should be able to defeat them without much trouble. Return to Thrall for the next quest.

Quest 7: Warn the Trolls
Objective: Take the Zeppelin to the Echo Isles and meet up with Vol’jin

The Zeppelin to the Echo Isles is located towards the bottom right corner of the map. Make your way over there walk close to the Zeppelin to be transported.

There are some fairly tough creeps on the Echo Isles but your two main heroes should be maxed out at Level 8 by now and Chen should also be with you, making the task a bit easier. Battle your way towards the Troll outpost and then speak with Vol’jin.

Quest 8: Sink the Fleet
Objective: Destroy all 5 of the Human Battleships

After speaking with Vol’jin he’ll transform your heroes into flying creatures. They’ll all have new abilities so check them out before you start battle. You’ll also have Troll Batriders with the Concoction and Liquid Fire abilities. The Batriders will respawn back at the Troll camp if they are killed in battle.

All of the Battleships are located in the ocean area to the north. There are 5 of them sailing around so do a sweep with your units and take them all out. Return to Vol’jin to complete the quest.

Quest 9: The Signal Pyres
Objective: Light all 5 of the Braziers

Vol’jin will send you to the bottom left corner of the map to light the Braziers. This is a small island so you can’t really miss them. Just explore the island, making a sweep to the east and light the braziers as you go. There are many Sea Giants and Turtles guarding this island so go slowly and use your spells to heal up as you go. Return to Thrall for the last quest.

Quest 10: The Summit
Objective: Scout out Razor Hill for Thrall

Razor Hill is to the south east from the Orc town. Make your way down there to complete this quest. When you arrive you’ll be ambushed by Humans from all sides. There are units everywhere but just keep your group healed up and use your other spells to finish the fight quicker. Return to Thrall to complete this act.

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