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Rockard and Stonard

Your town is quite open so you’ll need to position troops to the north and the lower west side. Luckily you begin with a small army but you’ll need to build up your forces fairly quickly if you want to survive.

Defend your town until you can build the Tower. Train four or more Conjurers and research the Water Elemental spell. The Water Elementals are strong enough to take out an entire town on their own.

Leave your regular army at home and send the Water Elementals to take out the Orc defences one outpost at a time.

At some point the Orcs will send a large force towards you. It seems to be once one or two of the outposts have been destroyed. Make sure you have some troops at home to fend them off or a Conjurer or two ready to cast a Water Elemental spell.

Send out Water Elementals to the other two outposts and clear them out to complete the mission.

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