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March to Zhufbar Battle I

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: Orc Shaman on a Dragon,  1 x Big ‘Uns, 1 x Black Orcs, 2 x Orc Boyz, 1 x Orc Arrer Boyz, 1 x Rock Lobber Crew

Deployment: Ambush, no deployment

Strategy: You’ll need to be really lucky in this mission. The only way to deal with the dragon is to kill it with a Hunting Spear or make it flee with the Curse spell. Either way you’ll need to be pretty close. The Curse spell is less risky as the Spears sometimes do nothing. No other unit will get touch the dragon and it will route your entire army if you leave it alone.

*Magic Cheat – Hold ‘CTRL’ while clicking on the wizard Magic button to change the magic cycles. The winds of magic will now go up every second, giving you much more magic to play with.

Keep the Cavalry moving or the Rock Lobbers will get a good shot off at them. Have the Mercenary Crossbows fire at the nearest unit. Hopefully it will route one of the orc units before they get close. If Allor has any spare magic points he can cast Hunting Spears at any nearby units.

Route or kill all of the Greenskins and you’ll automatically proceed to the next mission.

March to Zhufbar Battle II

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 1 x Orc Big ‘Uns, 1 x Orc Boar Boyz, 1 x Orc Boyz, 1 x Orc Arrer Boyz

Deployment: Place the Black Avengers on the west side to chase down the Orc Big ‘Uns attacking the friendly Dwarf unit. The rest of your units should be facing north, ready for the orc assault.

Strategy: Luckily there’s not too many enemies in this mission and you will be getting reinforcements soon.

When the battle begins send the Black Avengers to the west to charge the Bign ‘Uns in the back. Send the Dwarf Warriors north to take on the Orc Boyz. Get Allor close to the Boar Boyz and hit them with a Curse. That should cause them to flee. If not charge in with the Grudgebringer Cavalry as well.

Send the Mercenary Crossbows up to start shooting at the Arrer Boyz. Try to get in close to force them to run backwards. When the Cavalry have finished off the Boar Boyz send them up to charge the Arrer Boyz.

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