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Slave Assault

Magic Items: Banner of Might

Enemy Units: 8 x Skavenslaves, 2 x Rat Ogres

Deployment: For this mission you’ll be facing the weakest Skaven unit in the game, the Skavenslaves. You should only need your Grudgebringer Cavalary, Ragnar’s Wolvs, Amber Wizard and the crossbow units, the Mercenary Crossbows, Leitdorf 9th Crossbows and the Dwarf Crossbowmen. The Dwarf Iron Breakers are free so you might as well bring them along as well just in case they’re needed.

Looking north towards the Skavenslaves place the Amber Wizard a little bit ahead on the left side. To the right and behind place the Grudgebringer Cavalry, Mercenery Crossbows and one unit of the Dwarf Iron Breakers. On the other side of the pillar place the other Dwarf Iron Breakers, the Leitdorf 9th and the Wolves.

Strategy: Have all your units hold their ground except for Allor. Send him forward and cast Flock of Doom on the first Skaven unit. They should flee, if not the Crossbows will finish them off.

If you have more magic points available hit the second unit with the Flock of Doom as well. It’s cheaper than the Curse and may cause enough damage by itself to flee.

As the Skavenslaves get closer switch targets with your Crossbows to target the nearest unit. Once the Skavens start fleeing switch target. Most or all of the Skavenslaves should flee this way. If one or two happen to get through cut them off with the Dwarves and then charge in with the Cavalry.

Move your army forwards and the final 2 units of Skavenslaves as well as 2 Rat Ogres should run out of the gate. Bring Allor forwards to shoot the Rat Ogres with Hunting Spears. You can slow them down with the Curse first if you want.

If Allor doesn’t manage to kill both Ogres run in with Ragnar’s Wovles and follow up with the Dwarves. Mop up the remaining Skavenslave units with the Crossbowmen.

Once the mission is complete send Ragnar’s Wolves up to the north to pick up the Banner of Might hidden behind the rocks to the north.

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