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Escort to Holst (i)

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 2 x Goblin Stickers, 1 x Orc Boyz

Deployment: Ambush – No Deployment

Strategy: This is a fairly simple mission. You’ll be facing two units of Goblin Stickers and one small unit of Orc Boyz. Have your Grudgebringer Cavalry (GC) attack the Stickers to the north and the Grudgebringer Infantry (GI) can take on the Stickers to the east.

Both your units should finish off the goblins fairly quickly. Soon Orc Boyz will arrive from the east. Send both your units to deal with them once they’ve wiped out the Goblins.

Escort to Holst (ii)

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 4 x Goblin Stickers

Deployment: Ambush – No Deployment

Strategy: Once you arrive at Holst a group of men, the Mercenary Crossbows (MC), will ask to join you. This ranged unit will be vital for future missions.

On the way back to Wissenheim you’ll be ambushed again. This time you’ll only need to fend off Goblins. Send your GI to take out the Stickers to the east and the GC to take out the Stickers straight ahead of the Cargo Train.

Quickly move the MC ahead of the Cargo Train and stop them there. This will protect the Cargo from moving too far ahead and getting into trouble with the next units of Stickers. You’ll need to turn AI off so the MC don’t move out of the way.

Pretty soon another unit of Goblin Stickers will arrive from the the forest to the north east of the Cargo. Have the MC fire a shot or two at them and then attack with the GC who should have finished off the Stickers by now.

One more Goblin Stickers unit will arrive from the north. Once again take a shot at it with the MC and then attack with your GC and GI once they’ve finished off the other Goblins.

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