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Escort Engrol Goldtongue (i)

This mission and the next is actually very easy. They are both ambush missions so you won’t be able to choose your deployment. Bring the Amber Wizard along with a few Crossbow units. You’ll be given a Dwarf escort as well.

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 2 x Orb Big ‘Uns, Black Orcs, Orc Boyz

Deployment: Ambush

Strategy: You won’t be attacked until you bring a unit past the dragon. It’s best to send Allor to the north by sneaking past the Dragon as far as you can on the right side next to Gotrek. He’ll be there fighting the Dragon for the entire mission.

When the enemy units appear cast Curse on one of them and Flock of Doom for as long as you have magic. When the Orcs get close retreat back across to the other side of the Dragon’s flames.

Line up your Crossbows on the southern side of the Dragon and wait for the Orcs to get within the kill zone. The Dragon will cause many of them to flee and your Crossbows should finish off the rest.

Once the enemy has been defeated send one unit to the north. Use either Ceridan or Allor because large units will get wiped out by the Dragon’s flames. Once they are far enough to the north the mission will be a success.

Escort Engrol Goldtongue (ii)

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 4 x Goblin Wolf Riders

Deploymemt: Ambush

Strategy: A Bright Wizard is being harassed by 4 groups of Goblin Wolf Riders. Send your units forwards to help defeat them. When you get close enough one or two of the Goblin units will head towards you. Cast a Flock of Doom or two and then charge in with your Cavalry. The Goblins should flee fairly quickly. Finish off any remaining units to complete the mission.

When you get back to camp you’ll be able to hire the Bright Wizard for your army. Along the way the Leitdorf 9th Crossbows will leave and go their own way.

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