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Sven Carlsson

Magic Items: Dragon Blade

Enemy Units: 1 x Hiln’s Guard, 3 x Clanrat Warriors

Deployment: Place the Mercenary Crossbows (MC) to the north with the Grudgbringer Cavalry (GC) to their left. The Grudgebringer Infantry (GI) should be off to the left, waiting for a Skaven attack.

Strategy: When the battle begins move the GC forwards a little towards where the meeting is taking place. Pretty soon the Skaven Warrior will assassinate Hiln. Hiln’s guard will turn towards you and attack.

Bring the GC back and fire at Hiln’s guard with the MC as they approach. You may even be able to force them to retreat. If not send the GC to finish them off. Quickly move the MC to the east closer to the GI.

Three units of Clanrat Warriors will approach one-by-one from the east. Try to get off two shots at each one with the MC. Hopefully one of them will retreat. Hold your ground with the GI to protect the MC.

Once the GC have finished off Hiln’s Guard turn them around to help fight back the Clanrat Warriors. Continue to use the MC to shoot at any Clanrat Warriors that aren’t engaged in combat.

Once the Skaven have been defeated head to the north behind the tower. The Snowman is hiding a magic item, the Dragon Blade. This item will give one model double attacks in combat.

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