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The Tiger’s Claw is leaving the system but the Kilrathi have a small fleet blocking the retreat. You’ll need to take them out so that the Claw can escape. For this mission you’ll be flying in a Raptor with Maniac as your wingman.

Charon 1

Objective: Sweep the area and destroy all enemy ships

Proceed to Nav 1 and take out the 2 Jalthis. At Nav 2 you’ll find 2 Ralaris with 4 Grathas. At Nav 3 there are 5 Krants (1 Drakhai) guarding a Snakeir. The Snakeir will jump out if you leave it too long.

Charon 2

Objective:¬†Hold the line and protect the Tiger’s Claw

Defend the Tiger’s Claw from waves of Kilrathi fighters. Try to keep the Claw safe and target any Kilrathi that get too close. As soon as you launch 3 Dralthis will attack. After them are 3 more Dralthis, 5 Salthis and lastly 3 Hhriss (1 Drakhai).

Once you defeat them the Kilrathi will be forced to leave the system. Angel will be leaving the Claw to take over flight operations on the TCS Austin. All is peaceful… for now.

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