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If you made it through the last 2 missions well done! The marines have done their job on Firekka. You only need to destroy the Ralari to win this series. You’ll be flying a Dralthi or Rapier with Angel as your wingman.

Corsair C 1

Objective: Destroy the Ralari and bring the Drayman back to the Claw

Make your way to Nav 1 and you’ll meet 4 Grathas and a Ralari. You only need to destroy the Ralari to complete this mission and the Corsair C series. Once you reach Nav 1 you’ll find the Drayman being attacked by 2 Krant (2 Drakhai) and then another 2 Krants will show up. As you’re escorting the Drayman back you’ll be attacked by 4 Salthi (1 Drakhai). You can fly ahead of the Drayman, without using auto, to draw out the Salthi first.

Corsair C 2

Objective: Sweep the area and destroy all Kilrathi ships

There are lots of Kilrathis in the area. At Nav one you’ll find Salthis followed by 3 Hhriss. On the way to Nav 2 you’ll be attacked by 4 Grathas. At Nav 2 there’s 2 Krants (1 Drakhai) and 2 Jalthis.

Between Nav 2 and Nav 3 you’ll be intercepted by 4 Salthis. Some people find a Dorkir here as well. Once you reach Nav 3 there’s a Fralthi being escorted by 3 Jalthis.

Once you return back to the Tiger’s Claw it will be under attack by 3 Dralthi and then 4 Krants. Destroy them and then land to complete the mission.

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