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During the quest For a Higher Cause! you can choose to either go with Philippa to cure Saskia or try to find Triss in Where is Triss Merigold? This quest assumes you’ve decided to go with Philippa to find a cure for Saskia.

Make your way from the dungeons back to the sewers where you’ll meet Iorveth. He’ll take Philippa as you go ahead and clear out the Rotfiends. Philippa knows that Saskia is a dragon and says she has a special dagger that can be used to lift the spell on Saskia. She says you’ll need to pierce her heart with the dagger which is probably a lie.

Once you reach to the door to Philippa’s house go inside and defeat the 3 Gargoyles in the room upstairs. Once they’re gone Iorveth will bring Philippa upstairs. Search the lockers for a Dragon Scale which can be used to craft the Zerrikanterment Armor.

Continue upstairs to the roof to find a magically sealed chest. Philippa says you’ll need to light the candles in order and then she’ll have to cast a spell to remove the seal on the chest.

Go downstairs to find Philippa’s Notes and look at the combinations. It appears the one on the right is the one that works. If you’re standing facing the chest the candles need to be lit in this order, bottom right, top left, top right, bottom left and center.

As Philippa casts the spell she tricks you by pushing Iorveth away with an Aard spell and then turning into an owl and flying off. She also leaves Geralt inside the circle with a Golem. Use Quen to protect yourself from his massive attacks and then either Yrden to trap him or run behind him after he charges and swipe at him from behind.

Once the battle with the Golem is over loot the chest for the Dagger. The story continues in A Summit of Mages.

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