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Throughout your travels you will have heard about the witch of Midcopse. She doesn’t live in the town but has a small hut nearby. To find the exact location you can get some information from some of the locals.

A man smoking a pipe by the western entrance will give you the witch’s location if asked. A few gossiping women will give you a clue to her location if you eavesdrop on them from a distance. A woman sweeping outside her house has heard of the witch and tells you to speak to her husband. Her husband will give up the information for 50 Crowns or if you use Axii.

Follow the path north east to the pond, north to the rock and then east to the Witch’s hut. You’ll find a group of villagers all asking for help. Once the witch is done with them she’ll go inside and close the door.

Enter the hut and look around. The witch appears to be gone. Pick up the Skull with inscribed symbols. Geralt will activate it and a portal will open. Walk through the portal to the mystical cavern.

Head up the stairs and the witch, who is actually Keira Metz will greet you. Speak with her about everything and she’ll offer to bring you to a Mage who has been seen with Ciri. You can go with Keira now or meet her there later. Either way the quest will end.

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