Back to Act I – In Ciri’s Footsteps

This quest begins immediately after Nameless and shows how Ciri came to be in Lofoten. After talking with Skjall Ciri will be eager to be on her way. She’s still weak so will need help standing up. Astrid, Skjall’s sister will help Ciri stand and offer her use of the sauna. Skjall will need to get a horse ready so Ciri might as well refresh in the sauna while she’s waiting.

Walk to the sauna and you can choose to either wear a towel or not. Stepping into the sauna will regenerate Ciri’s health bar. Taking a drink of Freya’s Firewater will also do the same thing.

Once you’re done get dressed and head to the stable where Skjall will be getting the horses ready. After a brief conversation the Wild Hunt will attack. Once a few of them have been killed Skjall will tell you to grab a horse and make a run for it.

Follow Skjall to the Drowned Dead Rock where a cut-scene will begin. After that you’ll be back with Geralt and Yennefer.

Yennefer’s necromancy has destroyed the garden and the Priestesses aren’t happy. Yen takes the blame for it.

If you’ve not seen Uma you’ll be given A Mysterious Passenger next as a quest. Otherwise you’ll go straight to Act II for Ugly Baby. Yen also gives you The Last Wish quest.

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