Back to Act II – Uma’s Curse

For this quest you need to help Eskel hunt down Forktails so you can gather the special ingredients that Yen needs to remove the curse. At the gate to Kaer Morhen use your Witcher senses to find horse tracks.

Follow the horse tracks until you find Eskel’s horse at a small camp. From here you’ll find Eskel’s footprints as well as goat footprints. Follow them until you reach a rocky area. Look around one of the trees and Geralt will pick up the goat scent from the fur. Follow this and eventually you’ll find Eskel.

After a short conversation the Forktail will appear. Use the Crossbow, Aard or Igni to drop it from the sky before swinging at it with your Silver Sword. Once it’s down to below half health it will fly away. Follow the Forktail, or the trail of blood, into a cave and finish it off.

Once you leave the cave Eskel will challenge you to a race back to the castle. If you agree and beat him back he’ll reward you with some Boots and the Hanged Man’s Venom Diagram.

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