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A Tome Entombed is a quest that’s easily missed as it takes place deep in the Novigrad sewers. The nearest sewer entrances are the tunnel in The Bits or the entrance just past the Tretogor Gate signpost. Down in the sewers you’ll need to break a weak wall to get through to the quest.

As you make your way through the sewers you’ll hear someone trying to open something. Make your way towards the man, Vairmont Jonne, who is a professor. He’s trying to open a sealed sarcophagus because he believes it contains an Elven Manuscript.

If you agree to help him you’ll push aside lid revealing a Vampire sleeping inside.

When the Vampire wakes up he tells you to F’ off and closes the lid. The professor will complain that he didn’t get a chance to search for the manuscript. Open the lid again and this time the Vampire will turn into a Katakan and attack. Kill it to complete the quest.

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