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Read the notice board in Hierarch Square to pick up the Imp Contract. Go and see the merchant Sylvester Amello to get more information about the Imp.

From Sylvester’s stall use your Witcher senses to find the cat prints. Follow them up to a wall where you’ll find some food it dropped. There’s also scratches on the wall. Follow the scratches to a bridge. Drop over the edge and swim to the shore. You’ll pick up the tracks on the other side.

Examine the tracks to see the paw prints have changed into footprints. Follow them to a nearby house with an open door. Go inside and pick up the Short Letter on the table. Read it to find out this thief is a Doppler and can take any form.

When you go upstairs you’ll smell the scent of lavender. Follow the scent outside to a Guard talking to an Elf. Interrupt them and the Doppler will run off. Quickly give chase. If you get too far away the quest will fail.

Once you get close enough to the Doppler interact with him to drag him to the ground. After a few words a fight will begin and the Doppler changes into Geralt.

Knock him down to under a quarter of his health and he’ll beg for mercy. You can choose to kill him or let him go. Return to the merchant for your reward. If you let him go you’ll only get half of the Crowns promised but he also gives you the Diagram: Gnomish Gwyhyr.

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