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To begin this contract read the Notice Board in the Heirarch Square or in Gildorf. Make your way to the Kingfisher and walk up the stairs to the second floor to find Kurt Dysart. When you talk to him he asks you what school you are from and then give you the Key to investigate the source of the tremors.

Make your way to the Moldavie Residence and use the Key to unlock the door. Go inside and have a look around. Once you get to the second room the house will tremble.

Head into the next room which is the bedroom and loot the Chest by the bed for the Journal from the Moldavie Residence for more information about what has been happening.

Make your way downstairs and last the wall with Aard. Behind the wall you’ll find Elven ruins. Examine the table to find Amaverick of Sorano’s Journal. Examine the object on the other table and Geralt will figure out an Earth Elemental is nearby.

The doorway ahead is blocked so you’ll need to drop into the water and swim around to the the Switch. Pull the Switch to raise the door. Swim back around, climb up to the walkway and head through the door.

The Earth Elemental is bound by some kind of Force Field but it has almost smashed its way through. Walk behind the elemental and use Aard on the device. The Force Field will break and the Earth Elemental will be free. Kill it and then loot it for the Earth Elemental Trophy and the Cleaver Hood sword.

Return to Kurt to complete the quest and you’ll be rewarded with 200 Crowns.

Note: While dealing with the Earth Elemental make sure you don’t break the two supports. If you do you’ll receive a message later that Kurt died when the ceiling of the ruins collapsed.

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