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This quest only initiates if you romanced both Triss, during Now or Never, and Yennefer, during The Last Wish. If you get to this quest you will lose both Triss and Yen as romance partners.

After Ciri meets with Philippa during Final Preparations both Triss and Yen will come to you and explain that they’re not going to fight over you. Instead they want to share you and promise unearthly delights.

Make your way to the Kingfisher and speak to the bartender to buy the finest Wine. Head upstairs to the second floor and open the door on the right.

When you enter the ladies will purr over you while they tie you to the bed. Once secure with manacles the ladies will tell you that you’re going to get what you deserve and leave. After this you’ll no longer be able to romance Triss or Yennefer.

In the morning Dandelion will rescue you and this ends the quest.

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