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Reason of State is a secondary quest that can only be completed during Act III. In order to access it you need to complete all of the Assassin’s quests from Act I. They are A Deadly Plot, An Eye for an Eye and Redania’s Most Wanted. You’ll also need to complete A Matter of Life and Death and Now or Never. During the main quest Blindingly Obvious in Act III you’ll need to bribe Dijkstra rather than persuade him with force.

Dijsktra will tell you to meet him at a warehouse on the western side of Novigrad. When you enter you’ll hear Roche, Thaler and Dijkstra talking to each other. They’ll reveal their plan to lure out Radovid to the bridge leading to the Temple Isle. You can agree to play a part in the plan or decline.

If you agree to take part then you’ll notice an owl eavesdropping on the conversation. As you leave you’ll be greeted by Philippa who gives you a Ring. She tells you King Radovid will trust you if you show him the ring.

The Assassination

Go to see Radovid and tell him about Philippa’s whereabouts. Show him the ring to convince him you’re telling the truth. Radovid will head out to the bridge and have his soldiers secure it so no one can leave. He then orders his men to kill you. Luckily Roche comes to the rescue and you’ll be able to get your swords back.

Fight off the Redanian soldiers with Roche’s Blue Stripes. Philippa will appear and blind Radovid with some powder before stabbing him with a dagger. She then turns into an owl and flies away.


After the mission you’ll head back to a theatre to celebrate. Thaler reveals to you the peace talks he’s been having with Nilfgaard. Dijkstra plans to become the Chanceller of Redania and rejects the peace deals. Instead he surrounds you and the others with his men and gives you the option to walk away and leave the others to their fate.

You can either walk away, in which case Roche, Ves and Thaler will be killed or stand with them and fight. In this case you’ll have to kill Dijkstra and his men. The peace talks with Nilfgaard can then continue. Whatever your decision this quest will end.

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