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The Apiarian Phantom is a contract in the Novigrad countryside. It can be started by reading the Notice Board in Yantra or visiting Holofernes a the Honeyfill Meadworks.

Make your way to the Honeyfill Meadworks and talk to the halfing Holofernes. He’ll tell you about a beast called the Apiarian Phantom that killed one of the farmhands.

Head out to the hives to find one of them covered in frost. Examine the blood and tracks and then follow the tracks to where they disappear down a small tunnel. You can fit through so you’ll need to walk around the ruins until you find a locked cellar. At this point one of the sons will show up and give you the Cellar Key.

Unlock the door to the cellar and go in to find a Hound of the Wild Hunt. It must have been left behind when the Wild Hunt went past here.

Upon finding it the hound will race out and Geralt will call for Roach. Chase down the Hound and kill it. If it gets away you’ll find it running around near the Dancing Windmill.

Loot the Hound for the Trophy and then return to Holofernes with the news. He’ll reward you with 249 Crowns.

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