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Gwent: Skellige Style can’t be completed until Echoes of the Past has been finished. You can initiate the quest at any time by reading the notice board at Kaer Trolde.

There are five opponents you will need to defeat to complete the quest. The first is Ermion. You can find him with the other druids at Gedyneith. Once you beat him he’ll give you the Leshen Card and tell you to play the Gremist or Crach an Craite.

Crach an Craite can be found in the Kaer Trolde Citadel. Once you defeat him he’ll give you the Draug Card and tell you to play Sjusta.

The Gremist can’t be played until you complete the Practicum in Advanced Alchemy quest. He can also be found in Gedyneith. Once you defeat him he’ll give you the Mysterious Elf Card and suggest you play Madman Lugos.

Madman Lugos can be found in Kaer Muire and will give you the Katakan Card once you beat him. After defeating all five opponents you’ll be awarded the Emhyr var Emreis: The White Flame leader card. This completes the quest.

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