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Miners from the small village of Blandare are disappearing and a notice has been posted on the Blandare notice board asking for help. You can begin this quest by reading the notice or by finding one of the bodies of the miners on the road west of the Miners’ Camp.

If you want talk to Gjarr in the village of Blandare and then make your way north towards the Miners’ Camp. At the Miners’ Camp examine the area with your Witcher senses and follow them to a body. Examine the body and search for more tracks to follow.

The trail will take you past some toppled trees and then towards a cave entrance. Examine the human remains outside the cave and Geralt will deduce the creature is a Rock Troll.

Head inside the cave and the Rock Troll will immediately attack. Once you get him down to low health he’ll decide to talk to you. His name is Wham-a-Wham and he killed the humans when they entered his cave and tried to take the silver.

You can choose to kill him or let him live if he promises not to attack people anymore. If you let him live he’ll give you 50 Crowns and some Silver Ore.

Return to the village and speak to Gjarr again. He tells you that they had hear rumours of a Rock Troll but choose to ignore them. If you spared the Troll he won’t be happy and will only give you 50 Crowns. If you killed the troll he’ll reward you with 203 Crowns.

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