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This quest can be found by reading the notice board at Kaer Trolde Harbor. Someone has stolen Crach an Craite’s family blade and he wants it back immediately.

Follow the quest marker to an Obelisk southwest of a Miner’s Camp (Family Blade I). There will face a group of Bandits. Kill them and search the bodies for a Thief’s Journal. Read the journal to find out you need to go to Fort Grymmdjarr.

Make your way to the Fort (Family Blade II) and kill the Bandits. Once again loot their bodies for a Thief’s Journal. This time you’ll be directed to visit the Whale Graveyard in the north.

Head over to the Whale Graveyard (Family Blade III) and deal with the last group of Bandits. Loot their bodies for a final Thief’s Journal and also the stolen blade, Kuliu.

Return to Kaer Trolde Harbor and talk to Olaf. He’ll be very happy to have the blade back and will reward you with 20 Crowns.

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