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Yustianna Disturbed is an unmarked quest in a cave in the north of Ard Skellig. Enter the cave and follow the path to the right.

You’ll overhear a few Bandits talking in the central chamber. When you get close to them they’ll threaten you. You can either pay 150 Crowns, cast Axii or attack. If you choose one of the first two options you’ll be teleported back to the start of the cave. If you return to the Bandits they’ll immediately attack.

after killing the Bandits you can search the bodies to find the Highwayman’s Journal and the steel sword Ard’aenye in one of the chests. You’ll also find an assortment of other items and diagrams. If you have the Eye of Nehaleni you can open up a hidden part of the hideout for more loot.

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