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Read the Notice Board at Crow’s Perch to learn about the races. You’ll need to arrive after dark and then speak to the race organiser, Radko. The three contestants are Stuttering Mattko, Iron-Arse Hans and Black Bogdan. You can race them in any order but the rewards will be the same.

The race is fairly easy to complete. Just stick to the course and make sure you ride under all of the checkpoints. It’s possible that a random obstacle will appear during the race. The two possible obstacles are some loose barrels after the first corner and the second is a log laying across the path.

Defeating Stuttering Mattko will give you a Racing Saddle and 20 Crowns. Defeating Iron Arse Hans will give you Saddlebags and 30 Crowns and defeating Black Bogdan will give you Horse Blinders and 40 Crowns.

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