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Once you’ve defeated the Alghouls in the Contract: The Beast of Honorton this quest will begin. You’ll need to investigate to find out what happened to this village.

Examine the body the Alghouls were feasting on and then the huts and barn. In one of the huts examine a Leshen’s head to discover another Witcher has been here.

Search inside the hut with the dog corpse outside and Geralt will notice a little girl running away. Follow her out and pick up the Doll that she dropped. Follow the footprints into another hut and out the window.

When you finally find the girl behind a tree you can give her the Doll or cast Axii on her. She’ll tell you everything that happened. A Witcher from the School of the Cat massacred the villagers but left the little girl alive.

Head to the area the little girl indicated and examine the bloody hand and footprints. Follow them through a pack of Wolves to the Witcher Gaetan. He took on a Leshen contract but the ealdorman refused to pay him. Instead the villagers tried to kill him.
You can either accept his side of the story and spare him or fight him. If you spare him the quest Take What You Want will begin.

If you decide to fight him bear in mind he has use of Witcher signs as well. He likes to use the Quen sign and will try to trick you in the beginning and throw a blinding bomb at you. If you kill him loot his body for the Steel Sword Teigr.

Don’t stray to far from the little girl or the quest will fail. After finding Gaetan head back to the girl and you’ll arrive in Oreton to see her aunt. If you return in a few days the little girl will call out to you and give you a Thank You Card.

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