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A young lady named Lena was injured by the Griffin in White Orchard. When you enter Tomira’s hut you’ll find her on the bed in a critical condition. You’ll need to make a difficult decision. Do you give her a Swallow potion or not.

Talk to Tomira and discuss the options. If you don’t have a Swallow potion you can craft one with the following ingredients.

1 x Dwarven Spirit
1 x Drowner Brain
5 x Celandine

If you decide to try to help Lena then speak to Tomira and tell her you have a potion. Once you give it to her the quest will be complete.

Sadly there is no happy ending to this story. If you don’t help here then she will die from her wounds. If you give her the Swallow potion then her wounds will heal but the toxins from the potion will destroy her mind.

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