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If you follow the road north to the Nilfgaardian Garrison you may hear a merchant calling out to you. If you stop to talk to him he’ll tell you that his cart was driven off into the Drowner infested bog. He asks you to return his locked box.

Use your Witcher senses to find out where the cart left the tracks and follow them into the bog. You’ll need to fight off the Drowners before investigating the cart.

The cart and horses appear to be riddled with arrows. They were attacked but not by Drowners. Keep searching until you find the locked box.

Make your way back to the “merchant” and either give him the box without mentioning anything or confront him about the lie. If you confront him he’ll try to distract you and then ride off on horseback. Quickly jump on Roach, chase after him and knock him off his horse.

The man will admit that he’s from a disbanded Temerian unit who are conducting raids on the Nilfgaardian supplies. You can either let him go with the box, let him go and take the box or hand him in to the authorities. Once you make your choice the quest will be complete.

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