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You can begin this quest by reading the White Orchard notice board or by talking to the armorer Willis directly.

Willis is the local armorer and has a forge here in White Orchard but someone has burned down his workshop. He asks you to track down the arsonist and suggests looking for clues behind his house.

Use your Witcher senses to follow the tracks. They should take you down to the river by a bridge. Follow along the shore of the river on the other side of the bridge to pick up the trail again.

It appears the arsonist was attacked and wounded by a Drowner. Follow the tracks back to the village and into a house where you’ll find the culprit. Napp is nursing his injured hand and offers to give you 20 Crowns as a bribe. If you refuse take him back to the Blacksmith.

Willis will immediately call over some soldiers and poor Napp will be taken away. Willis will give you 20 Crowns as a reward.

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