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[Left Route – Slovenia]

In this mission you’ll get to test out the effectiveness of the Orca. You start in the top left of the map. Move your MCV to the right and build your Construction Yard just before the field of Tiberium. Watch out for the Turret to the south.

Build a Power Plant, Refinery and Barracks. Send a Hum-Vee out to the east to find another large source of Tiberium.

Get your tanks ready on the northern side of the base as 2 Artillery will sneak up from the ridge to the north and can easily take out one of your buildings if you’re not careful. Also build a Guard Tower on the south western side of your base as most attacks will come from that direction. If you have the funds you can also build a Guard Tower on the eastern side as well.

Next build a Weapons Factory, second Refinery and your first Helipad. You get a free Orca with your helipad so it’s best to build a helipad for each Orca.

Either send out a few tanks to deal with each of the enemy Turrets around your base or build a 2nd and 3rd Helipad, with included Orca. Three Orcas should be enough to take out the Turrets one by one.

The Nod Harvester may be harvesting the Tiberium field in the south west of the map. You can ambush it while it’s down there. Just make sure you have enough units to deal with the Nod counterattack.

The entrance of the Nod base is on the western side and it’s protected by an Obelisk of Light. You can sneak forces around to the eastern side of the base, blast through the walls and use Engineers to start taking over the base. This way you’ll avoid having to deal with the Obelisk.

If you do try to storm the front gates you’ll need a sizable force. A SAM site protects the Obelisk from air attack.

Destroy or capture all Nod forces to complete the mission.

[Right Route – Romania]

The map is different but the objective is the same. Test out the Orcas and destroy all Nod forces. Tiberium is scarcerĀ on this map which may make this mission more difficult.

Deploy your MCV basically where it starts and build a Power Plant, Refinery and Barracks as usual. Note you can be attacked from the ridge to the south of your base. There are Turrets on the hills to the north. You’ll want to clear them out with Medium Tanks of Orcas before you run out of Tiberium as the is another Tiberium patch on the western side to the north.

Build about 5 or 6 tanks with a group of Hum-vees alongside them to deal with infantry. Send the group to the Tiberium field just south of the Nod base and destroy any Harvesters they send out. This should severely limit their cash supply.

Build one ro two APCs with engineers. Send your tanks to quickly destroy the Turret guarding the base and then the Obelisk. This is just a distraction. Send in your APCs to the south eastern side of the Nod base and take over the Construction Yard and as many other buildings as you can. Try to take their Barracks and Refinery as well.

You can also break through the walls on the southern side and send an Engineer straight in to take their Construction Yard. This might be easier than trying to storm the front gates.

With the Nods ability to construct buildings disabled you can destroy all of their buildings at your leisure. Once all Nod forces have been destroyed the mission will be completed.

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