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Mission 11

As soon as you arrive on the beach head you’ll be under attack from enemy Turrets. Send your troops and MCV to the east, out of range of the Turrets. Destroy the Nod Tank with your infantry and then send your MCV up to the north to an open space with some Tiberium.

Be very careful in the initial stages not to alert either of the two Flame Tanks that are on the map. The first is to the west of the Turrets and the second is on the bridge north of the Tiberium. Use your Grenadiers to clear out the Rocket Infantry around the Tiberium field to the east.

You’ll be pressed into battle right from the start. The Nod forces will send Flame Tanks towards you so be prepared with Guard Towers. After the usual buildings you’ll want to build a Weapons Factory and then a second Refinery.

Once the Tiberium to the east is all gathered you can find a larger field to the south of your base.

The Nod base is split into two sections. The entrance is from the western section and you’ll need to rescue Delphi by destroying the wall on the eastern part of the base.

Build up a large force of Tanks and Hum-vees and push through the front gate as a distraction. Have at least one APC with Engineers on board to take over their Construction Yard and any other buildings you can. The Construction Yards are to the eastern side of the Nod Base.

You don’t need to destroy the whole base, just rescue Delphi to the east. If you can’t push your tanks through build a Barracks in the eastern section. Train some Rocket Troops and blow a hole through the east wall. Walk to the east until you find Delphi.

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