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Mission 15

The Temple of Nod has been found and it’s your duty to destroy it, along with all Nod forces in the area. This is made more difficult by the fact the the Nod effectively have 2 full bases. There are 3 paths to this mission, each with a different map.

[Northwestern Route]

Move the Medium Tank over the bridge and use it to take out the Fire Tank. Now bring your MCV across and begin your base just to the east of the river crossing.

Nod have two Construction Yards and a Temple of Nod. The Temple is tucked away to the bottom right corner, one construction yard is behind a village in the bottom left corner and the other on the south side of the southern base.

Begin by building a Power Plant and Refinery. Build Guard Towers on either side of your base and then a Weapons Factory and second Refinery.

You’ll also want an Advanced Communications Center for the Ion Cannon. The central Nod base should’t be too much trouble. Build the Repair Facility so you can build Mammoth Tanks. A few Mammoth Tanks and supporting units should be able to clear out the central base. Take over the Nod buildings rather than destroying them as Nod will just rebuild.

Next take over the Construction Yard in the far bottom left corner of the map. Position your tanks to the west of the main Nod base. Slowly push through and focus on targeting their Construction Yard and Airfield.

Watch out for Nukes! Just when you think you’re about to win Kane will Nuke your northern base. There are two triggers for a nuclear attack. The first is when you destroy 5 specific buildings in the main base, the Refinery, the Airfield, the Hand of Nod and the two southern Power Plants. You’ll also get nuked when you begin attacking the Temple of Nod.

Make sure you have a second base, and even a third, so you can keep going if one of them gets nuked. Once all forces have been destroyed you’ll complete this mission, and the GDI Campaign.

[Southwestern Route]

Use your tank to destroy the Flame Tank on the bridge and then move over the two Rocket Infantry to kill them. Now bring your MCV over the bridge and start a base by the Tiberium field.

When you have the vehicles ready send them to take out the Turrets and SAM sites on the hills to the north and east of your base.

Use your Ion Cannon to destroy the Obelisk of light and then move in with Mammoth Tanks to destroy all units in the base. Bring in Engineers to take over this base and use it as a stepping stone to the main base.

There is another Nod Construction Yard to the north east of the map and the Temple of Nod is to the north west. Creep along to the southern side of the main base with Mammoth Tanks and an APC with Engineers. Use the Ion Cannon to take out the Obelisk, blast through the southern walls and drop off your Engineers to take over the Construction Yard, Airfield and other buildings.

Push forwards and destroy the Temple of Nod, along with all other buildings and units to win the campaign.

[Northeastern Route]

This route starts you off in a better position, with tons of Tiberium to the south. The walkthrough is essentially the same. Use an Ion Cannon to take out the Obelisk in the western base and destroy all units with Mammoth Tanks. Bring in Engineers to take over the base and use it to bring forces down to the main southern base. Push forwards and destroy the Temple of Nod on the island and all other units to win the game.

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